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‘CHILDREN OF MELANIN’ & ‘ROAD TO SOLDIER’ (two poems by Owolusi Lucky)

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In your palm they yoke a heavy cross of sin – 

Committed by their ancestors
To shorten your flowery radiance like flax.

How they bid you worship elder bums
Who laid no foundation for a nation
Handed over to you like an abomination.

Upon this land they close your eyes tight
While their seeds flee abroad in chartered flight
You shall not seek your ancestors in muse
But plead Adamic ancestors for clues.

Elders said this land, your plat, has been cursed.
First word you learnt “Papa” – he’s always busy
Second word “Mama” – she’s always hungry.

Same eyes that governed your father’s father
Governs you still. Do call him Big Brother:

He knows all your hidden secrets.


My friend never returned my boot
He borrowed on his way to soldier
He returned in a box wearing another
Another returned from soldier where
At pointed end of barrel, he changed
His name from Peter and learned the
Tongues of rebels before trading 
Hunger pushed another to soldier
And he returned fed with bullets
That left him never hungry.

Men need to live under another roof
That is not their fathers',
After the edges of certificates begin
To fold, and dust coats the NYSC khaki.
To soldier is to kiss friends and foe
A bye, and walk on razor edges of luck.
Whichever road that leads us to soldier
For a land thirsty for green leaves
Makes a hero of us that never gave
Up on our fatherland.

OWOLUSI LUCKY is a Nigerian poetry, fiction, and nonfiction writer. He has works published or forthcoming in Noctivagant Press, Crosscurrent, America Diversity Report, Afrorep, Decolonial Passage, Zoeticpress, Hallowzine, Scars publication, Sweety Cat Press, Macromicrocosm, Dietmilkmag, Collegevilleinstitute, Overtly Lit, and others. He shares his thoughts at AFRICANMIGHTY.ART.BLOG and tweets at: @mighty_scribe.