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If you want change
You must be willing to change.
Break the deal you made with Lucifer.
Leave the water under the bridge.
Revisit… if it got essence
But be tempted not to even the score
When times get tough

Let go
Of everything
That takes you
Back to your sins

Do you have hopes? Have hopes
That you can change, and you will…
That you can be better, yes, you can
Find you feet, you are worthy of change
Worthy of improvement
Worthy of being the best

Set aside your hot potato
About life
About people
About things
And about yourself

Feeling sorry for thyself
Looking on as the world moves around you
Isn’t the answer to thorny issues
You have to get up and rise
And swallow the swell in you
As you rise above all eyes

Written by: Muhammad Oyereyí Ahmad
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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