CE MONDE EST PLEIN DE FOUS (The world is full of fools)

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Sinwin and Skoin fought tirelessly,
For a bed space under Eko bridge.
For hours they beat themselves mercilessly,
For a mat as cold as a fridge.

*Eko: Lagos
*Ce monde est plein de fous: The world is full of fools.

Kunle Omope was born over 30 years ago in Ikeja, Lagos State. The third son and child in a family of 5, he was raised by his parents, both police officers, in Highway Patrol Police barracks, Ikeja.
That is why he likes to call himself a born again crossbreed of the ghetto and the streets. Ilaje, Ondo State is where he hails from.
He attended Command Children’s School, Ikeja for his primary education and Ikeja High School for his secondary education.
Kunle gained admission to study Economics at Olabisi Onabanjo University, then Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State for the 1996/97 session.

Kunle Omope is SINGLE and SEARCHING, therefore he urges interested applicants to contact his Editor, Kukogho Iruesiri Samson for briefing on terms and conditions.

Journey into Poetry
Kunle’s fascination with poetry started in primary school.
He was usually among the first pupils to memorize poems from the collection, OVERSEAS POETRY, but it was not until the 3rd of March 1996 that he wrote his first poem.
He received compliments from a female friend (Omorinsola Ogunlesi: I would never forget you), and that kind gesture launched him fully into the world of poetry.

Publications and Awards
Asides numerous love letters published in many women’s memories, Kunle had 4 of his poems published in an annual Catholic magazine, SPEAK: ISSN 1596-5767 in the year 2003.
He considers himself a lazy but spontaneous writer, hence no awards yet.
The year 2013 marked a wakeup call when this poet bumped into Words Rhymes and Rhythm Poetry (WRRPoetry).
The very talented poets in the group challenged his intellect and he quickly moved from being a spontaneous commentator to a published poet. So far 5 of his poems have been published via this forum.

Kunle makes a living from Proofreading and other writing jobs. He is a voracious reader and an online preacher who makes no apologies for his Christian Faith.
In addition he also engages in public speaking, especially on the menace of CAMPUS CULTISM.

The Future with Poetry
As he learns and grows, Kunle hopes to publish more poems, get reviews and criticisms before going to press. He also wishes to explore the genre of Spoken Word as another platform for telling his stories through poetry.

Mr. Kunle Omope is one of WRRPoetry’s most valuable members, a big brother with the humility of an angel.
Poetry brought us together a few months back but his participation makes it look like he’s been here since the birth of this vision.
His poems make me reflect, invert, convert, retract and interact, within and without. He’s an asset to the family.

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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