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More or less a candle
A candle of which in nature?
A source of dust
Thread keeps you valuable
Your red cap, your pride
When thread dies
You are useless
From dust to flesh to dust
You are!

Then candle stick is mortal
Why your mortality?
A creature for termites
Why are you bragging?
Food for fool
Fool, food for termite
With leprous fingers
Gathers wealth for future use

The rain laments over your deed
The sun only mourns
Cos’ termite beneath your toes
But unnoticed to you
Yet night awaits your sleep
Your red cap for pride is very brief
Cos’ morning has renounced your stay

Heave the final sign oh! Candle
And let world come your feet
Cos’ you are mortal

Written by: Olaogun Abidemi Abiola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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