#BringBackOurGirls: MEET ME AT CHIBOK

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Meet me at Chibok
Where dreams are interwovenly
Braided by blood brats
Seeking naked thighs
Of unripe honey-combs

Meet me there
At the northern tomb
Where many mothers
Roll on arid floors
Mourning missing mothers
Of a near distant-future
Soaked in the stench of
Boko blood bash

Meet me at Chibok
With head-lamps,
Sirens and warrants
Beaming Broken blouses
From Khaki houses;
Let’s search for our babes

Meet me at Chibok
Where we shall ‘stablish
The ‘mergency rule again
Preying on those hawks
Feasting on the remnant crumb
Falling from the failed table
Of the people’s republic

Meet me at Chibok
Mourning Mothers,
Let us sleep no more
Untill the storm
Betiding our raft
Goes mute again
Lest we too loose sight
Of the shadow of our girls.

Meet me at Chibok
Market women
Flood the streets now
Let’s wait no more for Patience
We don’t have Goodluck.
Is this lock good?

Written by: Iyeomoan Emmanuel Ehizogie

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