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Blessed invitation
That brought free salvation
And spiritual reconciliation
At Christ’s resurrection

Blessed invitation
From the God of creation
Who called me from my transgression
And redeemed me from destruction

Blessed invitation
From God of salvation
For man redemption
On the night of restoration.

Praised the God of creation;
Christ is our portion
Who gave us the passion
On this fruitful mission

Written by: Fred Oreva
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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  1. James T. Abel Adesitimi – Akure, Ondo – James T. Abel Adesitimi is a Nigerian poet who lives and dines with poem day and night just to unite the world with his poems. He was born in the most beautiful city of Ondo-state (Akure) , Nigeria in 1991 to Adesitimi 's family. He began to write poems, jokes, and novels since his secondary school days. He wrote his first poem in some years back, titled(IN PRIVATE I DETECT MY TALENT) i.e any time he goes to school, church, or at the market place, he felt shy. This was what fired his ability more to write poem expressing his feelings about himself, about holiness and satirical poem as well. Since then, his pen never sleeps but dancing to the tone of his imagination Now he looks forward to becoming a famous poet in world
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