Read Time:49 Second [Betrayed Eagle]
My heart, like a balloon, you pierce
With the fury of a baboon – so fierce
In crushing ache I double in tears
As my blood gush and ooze out my fears.

Trust shattered like grains of blown rice
Friends scattered for their share of dire price
My body bloodied by your arrows and stained gears
I’m bared open, a hunted game for wild bears.

You got your sieve out to collect my dry cries
Beneath your sleeves, a dagger to pluck out my eyes
You’re so close to me, in more ways than one
Yet you stab me deep…I’m fading off and worn.

You’ve done your worst; you gave it your all
Over the cliff, you pushed expect me to fall
Look again before you blow out your horn
An eagle soaring high, watching you shrink and gone.

Written by: Adeolu Adesanya
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson