Read Time:1 Minute, 2 Second [Believe In Yourself]
From this world of pains, you claim centuries
Each of your words reveals mysteries
Your pen brought the golden light
To shroud our endless night

From heaven’s corners shall come your happiness
And your greatness shall melt all resistance
You shall climb the steps of greater heights
Of future on hills now faint in our sights

I have walk with you on this land of unity
And you kept my heart on green glee of eternity
Each time I read your letters on my broken shelf
I have no words but “Believe in Yourself”

Brother, I am not giving back what you gave me
I am just telling how much your gifts made me
I am a pen-less poet trying to make your day
But I’ll write your name on the wall of endless century

If I can’t make you happy then I can’t make you sad
On a global horse, you shall have your ride
Over sea, land, hills, mountains, ocean… day and night
You shall be successful, for you are a poetry knight.

*For Moses Chibueze Opara

Written by: Bada Yusuf Amoo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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