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BEFORE 1960’s by Isoboye Danagogo

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Before 1960’s

There was a country
Like fields with grasses.
We had bodied men with beards and brains;
Wisdom of grey hairs.
Our schools was certificated with pure degrees.
Our hospitals treated malaria without going to Malaysia.

1960s was the sixties we had workers that worked.
We had employments, Taxes built our roads.
We had leaders that spelt corruption with inks on their pen.
Agriculture was the sole administrator of our economy,
Because we produce more; imported less.

Then government was for the people,
Not for iindividual pockets.
Then we had laws, programmes and policies
That dragged the concerns of the common man.
Tribalism wasn’t next to nepotism,
We were one Nigeria without
religion isms.

Indigenous people without regional ism.
We had good music,
With a message to remember.
Then parents were happy,
Because children could boast of three square meals.
Things were so real,
Even the media said it all without antics.

BEFORE 1960’s by Isoboye Danagogo