BASK IN BLOOD by Mugana Dunamis

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Have you seen me lately?
I’ve come sailing this stormy ocean
aloft my ship to set sail
for a hunt for thee is certain

Some say I am a help meet
but bound and imprisoned for another’s pleasure
I’m a slave to my better half
since I’m weak and a bit fragile

I am the tastiness of honey
that sweet tenderness beyond your imaginations
the unending song between thy very lips
yet emotionally battered and stricken in pain

I am that beauty in the open
that treasure within a vault’s lock
that which birth’s life to keep the world living
despised and abused before I blossom

I am the sun’s reflection
that beauty of the silver moon
I am the peak of thy loving and care
a mother, wife and daughter to be treated with utmost respect

Mugana Dunamis


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