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Walls fall and crash
Like rain down the drain.
With in-built gain in pain,
We fumble in brightness…
Every stain bearing a shine.

Worn in robes-borrowed,
Comes like the gain in every rain
Clearly seen without a pain.
As crash-to-crash roll,
Nuts dump for period cracks.

Enamoured with weighty cranes,
Pain wins deep in full hammer,
For grounds-virgin to lie as fall-outs.
A writers’ garment comes coloured
In boldness and courage;
Tool-steel for selfless endeavours.

Armoured Pens,
Averse to moping and coping,
Pen-stand against ill circumstances
For truth, justice, and equity.
Like running water flow consumed
As sights of delight, steel Pens
Call for pen and brush for societal uplift.

~ Eriata Oribhabor

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  1. Eriata, the thoughts here are deep. I enjoyed the fact that I was able to take something from the poem without struggling. I also use my pen in a war against eviil

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