AND NIGERIA BEGAT BIAFRA by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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With this stetho I hear her cry, with these eyes I see her kicks, her mother cries in labour, her birth is imminent who can hold it back?

And the unborn daughter’s children await to make her lick their toes in worship should she allow the state and toll the path her mother had gone
while in wait they stay of her birth

Oh mother we love you but do not know if you love us we in Izougu Chizoba cry.

So Mother, dear mother we are tired of your motherly touches that have bruised our skins and cut our flesh like flakes off the tuber so we say, pass us onto our mother, the one unborn

Biafra the unborn daughter of Nigeria
We have gathered for your christening and circumcision
Your mother has begat you a reality that exists in our minds
Biafra the home and land of the sun,
We know you come as your heat right now kills the barriers that make your children’s push fruitless

I await to be your worthy son to love and be loved oh mother Biafra, for in the hands of my grandmother, my life is worth no price

AND NIGERIA BEGAT BIAFRA by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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