AGONIES OF THE POOR: by Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

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Feed us not with lies anymore
For our stomach are filled with empty promises.
Our protruded bellies are not evidence of good living
But of imbalance diet.

How long shall we wallow in fear?
Can’t we feel at home in our fatherland?
For to be home is like a bird in the nest
Not the one in the cage.

Stuff not our mouths with crumbs of peanut
For we shall speak and not keep quiet.
Will you turn deaf before you hear the cry of sorrow
Or go blind before you see these agonies?

You share your love once in four years and say you’re generous?
Why do you love to hate us
And hate to love us?
How long shall we quench our thirst with tears?

Agonies of the poor

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