AFTERMATH OF NOSTALGIA (a poem by Olaitan Humble)

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the bus is already waiting for me. . .

on the square notice board hung by the
corner of my room, the toy bus. 7pm is when the world gets
out of its madness & 7am is when it returns to it gladly, but
now a face in a crowd of faces suddenly is robbed of
the madness & we suddenly start to seek fingers finding
creative edge, making canvases upon canvases, mapping out
silhouettes upon silhouettes, first in the kitchen with
previously unappealing items; we watch table knives become
palette knives & we are just fine. now bowing in obeisance
to the worship of gadgets is the early morning devotion as they
take us in a new form of guidance round the clock & and over
the shore—the shore of meaningless patterns. we, zoom into
everything zoom-able as they are a brief consolation of a fulfilling
life, make do with the crumbs leftover from our nightmares, for now
all we have is a dream-ridden reality, a reality where glows of
lambency settle down upon each of our faces like the sunset
at winter, & we call it success, how close! we all are happy on our
screens, thanks to our protective screen guards & of course,
our toothbrushes. now we run on our fingers to snap out of
the glosses of this reality. the rebels still hold colors as hostages &
books remain the archenemies at hand

& i am unsurprised because this is the aftermath of nostalgia.

Olaitan Humble is a pacifist who likes to collect quotations and astrophotos. He is the winner of the Ramadan Tercets Maiden Literary Contest, the JustDeen Poetry Contest, the March 2020 edition of Loudthotz Poetry Open Reading and was shortlisted for EW Poetry Prize Award 2020 & SyncityNG Poetry in Times of Corona Prize. Editor at Invincible Quill Magazine, his literary works have been praised for their minimalism, sensory elements and imagery alike.

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