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The poor weary
They live in fury
Weak hope daily
Day and night a day like years
A thousand
Crying out loud
Calling for help
Reasoning beyond imagination
Anticipating a better day.

Life of pain
Life of adversity
Hope halt
Appalling day
Horrendous night
A life of fear and fight
All for their right
For their heroes past
With myopia sight
Blind folded with riches
Self heart and self centered
Short sighted of sufferings
And pain of the people
Longer sufferings
Shorter fun

New government
New sufferings
New pains
Bad government
With myopia eye
Heroes are falling
Good people are running
Praying to halt their adversity
Many were chosen
But few were called
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
Let the pains and sufferings
Be gone forever
Hmm mm

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