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Time after time,
Like a lost youth in his prime
We roll away like a fallen dime
See, it’s not necessarily a crime;
…If only man had endless time

See the hand writing on the wall
Perhaps you may avoid that fall
Life’s for learning, it’s not a ball
Or the acting stage set in a hall
It’s a race; you must give your all

It’s not time to embrace the rope
There may be trials but there is hope
Unlike the ‘high’ you get from dope
Or the thrill from watching soaps
Nothing extra-ordinary, that you cannot cope

His grace comes in different shades
Strong, firm, not the type that fades
It cuts twines, sharp like the edge of a blade
Sometimes smooth like new suede
Just be strong, never you be afraid

Keep hoping every step of the way
Tomorrow will be a brighter day
Now, the sun shines, prepare the hay
Then after the labor you can truly say
“Accept my prayer, dear LORD I pray”

Written by: Miranda Ogboru
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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