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Why do I dance
To the cadence of your heart
And entertain the chant
From your soul?

The hamlet princess
Persisted in trapping my spirit
Beneath snare of lusting desires.
She desires to sense my palm
Caressing her tense parts,
She begs me each time dawn cracks
To sing her a loving melodious song!

Even chief chinedu’s heiress,
Captured my wrist as I strolled
Through the village farmyard,
Hiding form the stinging sun
Even as tender winds leak my flesh
In low tone.

We sat beneath those flirting trees
As she bestowed me some cowries
Beseeching me to trade my love
For her cumbersome fortune,
But Adanne! Shall I do that?
Exchanging my feelings
For shadows of love,
When shall my words
Knit this broken dove?

I shall wait
Till your courage is enslaved
Beneath refuge of my passion
Where you shall find treasure
In vacuum,
As nature hear echoes of pleasure.
I shall wait Adanne
Till my poem stitch your ruptured emotion,
Never forget this,its my fashion!

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