A TREE SPEAKS OF BOKO HARAM: by Stanley Princewill McDaniels

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There’s an insatiable thirst to kill in these men!
Though I have been condemned to remain planted in the earth

now dank from smeared blood,
I spread my arms and its leaves to shelter killers and kills.

These decades have been my gallows
of fear and terror.
The black sun brightens our gloomy days

and the forest is littered with the red meat of tomorrow’s elusive leaders.

They assist my growth.

I’ve seen it all –
The life that seeps out of the eyes of our progeny.

How many have you killed?

Tens of thousands?

What did you feel,
when you drowned them in death’s poll,

The innocent and the guilty,
the saints and the sinners,
the rebels and the law abiding citizens?

What did you feel?

Answer me!!!!!!!!

There’s an element that makes us human,

but alas,

the concept of conscience eludes you!

Boko Haram

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