A TALE OF TWO LOVERS by Joshua Levites

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I recognized her sexy frame
Resting on the wall.
She was bare,
Like Eve in her Eden
Gesturing her need for warmth
From the touch of her beloved,
Her lover.
I remembered the night before,
The memory;
Sweeter than Samson’s honey.

I swore to me
I would passionately lift her up
Like Jesus lifted the bread in gratitude.
She would lay on my laps
Her smooth flesh would kiss mine.
My fingers resting on her curves
caressing her cores.
Still gently.
She would scream in excitement
Mine would follow.
Foundations would be shaken
Neighbours, awoken
The streets would swirl
Hearts would melt
At the sight of our affectionate display.

Do not separate two lovers
I beseech you.
When our sweet moans greet you,
Give the eyes a silent feast
If you must

Do not come between us;
My Guitar and I

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