A SONG OF DESPAIR by Efe Ogufere

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Echo remains where…

Hearts used to beat
Laughter filled the air
Songs had wings
Skies had rainbows
Rivers held fish
Mountains stood proud
Trees danced a tune
Winds blew the flute
Dawn stayed too long
Dusk was a myth
Kisses held fire
Eyes mirrored desire
Dreamers found sleep
Wayfarers had maps
Bosom was full
Lips tasted like dew
Deserts had oasis
Oldies told stories
Fairy tales held truth
Tyrants were just babies
Lives held meaning
Echo remains where,
Love was true
I had you.

A SONG OF DESPAIR by Efe Ogufere

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  1. Aye'Dom – Dominic is a Nigerian social critics, a poet, and an essayist with works published on Words Rhymes and Rhythm, Nigeria News24, Poemhunters and others. When he's not writing about everything experience brings him to reflect on, he's out in the open getting his hands 'dirty' so as to reveal inherent beauty in the world he lives in. He currently lives in Lagos Nigeria. Catch him up with @Ayedom01 and on facebook.com/ayedom
    Dominic Ayegba Okoliko says:

    So much said with few lines; that’s why poetry is lovable. Well done Efe

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