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Let the spirits get blinded by passion,
And let the debris of crushed imaginations
Kiss valediction not again.

I think of my friends,
For they are eternally in my mind.
Their names ignite a piece to flames.

Sing for us Showunmi
Sing for your soul-friends.
Our voice differs from your throat’s melody.

Dance for us Ambrose
Dance for your blood-friends,
Our dance is nothing to your twists.

Let the spirits get blinded by passion
For the stars will announce
The drummers’ last coming.

Drum for us Kukogho; drum for us.
Drum for us: we write with pleasant imperfection.
With your gracious pen, convict our creations to reality.
Out of mercy, help us be better gods.

Pat our back Moses,
Let not our sweats be futile
For we are not brave recreants.
We are passionate bones, depredating heavenly dreams.
Pray to heaven for our rewards to embrace our soul.

Let the spirits dance
Let our voice bring melodies.
And let our pristine efforts bear fruits.

(Dedicated to Ambrose Anton writes, Showunmi Michael Olawale, Moses Opara, and Kukogho Iruesiri Samson)

Written by: Olisaeloka Onyekaonwu

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