A MAVERICK’S DREAM by Alabi Muheez Ajibola

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I dream, I hope, I wonder
If we can make this world a utopia
But, whenever I look hither or yonder
My expectation always falter
Because since inception
Whether unknowingly or with intentions
Man has been a perfect destruction
To the impeccable works of creation
This brute hitherto, has continued to transpire
Due to man’s insatiable desire
To go inexplicably higher
Even if another’s life they must endanger
We now live with infamy in our bloodline
With selfishness running down our spine
Hoping and willing to get in every line
Thus, leaving another without a dime
It is widely known that man is man’s enemy
And we have lived together in enmity and little harmony
But, with with the perfect those of amity and camaraderie
You, I, We can make this world a better place to live in.


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