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Read Time:1 Minute, 15 Second [Fleeting Trip]

Myriad of activities, sure do occur in our sleep,
Whether it’s a nap, or it is deep,
For some, it’s an event, for some, a long trip
Some wake laughing other wake and weep

My head just became a highway,
Thoughts passing at lightning speed.
Please slow down! They said no way.
It’s like they were all high on weed

I am sweating all over,
Temperature is beyond normal.
The bed is drenched with water,
But the A.C is on as usual.

Is this a dream?
Or am I day dreaming?
Should I scream?
Or kneel and start praying?

This foe is definitely intoxicated on hate,
And my muscles is no match or mate,
Heart beat threatens my chest plate!
Father, please I need an advocate!

Death is once!
But am I ready?
Please, one last chance,
To re-paint my paintings.

I’m running in the darkest darkness.
Seems aimless, worse than blindness.
But right now, at least am not breathless,
And my hope is not hopeless.

Is it finally home sweet home?
Home? Yes sure! I want to go,
But my report card grades are low
This is not the credentials I want to show!

Mama came to my rescue,
My prayers are answered!
She taps me saying “wake up its morn.”
Ah! It was just a nightmare!

Written by: Omorogbe Otas Eseosa
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson