911 by Lebile Melt Tosin

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Uwar na (Mama),
I’ve always dream of a future
My heart longs for a glorious tomorrow
When all my dream would come
For you to be proud of me

uwar na,
You’ve always taught me to work hard
Face my studies in order to be great
So I can climb the ladder of success
And sit with legends

uwar na,
All dream
All hope of great tomorrow
Fade aways
As Boko boyz storm our camp
The story is not hidden from you
But the experience still linger in me

uwar na
For a year I’ve wallop in their net
Our nation had forgotten us
As the dream and vision was stolen
And our tomorrow is only a tick to death

uwar na
You’ve read news
We’ve experience trauma
We’ve been defiled
Many sentence to grave
The cross is unbearable
The experience a scar

uwar na,
One thing carry me on
Even if a year of my life is a waste
I still look towards my dream
I believe I will get there
Only if my tomorrow is not stolen
And my path not lead to grave

You can only pray
But let everyone knows that the sins we suffer is not ours
We are not a slave or the sacrificial lamb
We are also the future
And our space in success of this nation would remain empty
Until someone find us …the remaining lamb

I keep dailing 911
Hoping someone would help us
Each new day bring a new hope
Only if only help won’t be late
Save me
Save my unborn kids
Save a generation

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