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40 BLANK SKIES (Sestets by Nigerian Poets)

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only conscious eyes can probe the skies
only spheres with balls dare it’s vastness
a breathing body urges its eyes
they look up in total blindness
dead heart, blank eyeballs
wiping stubborn tear-falls
~ Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

Shattered and broken above
devoid of clouds and birds
like a blank page it rest above
swinging down to earth
a blank sky is all i crave for to pen
down my old rugged thought
~ Paul Word

I look at the sky as if it owes me some dough
Wondering of what it was made from
The whitish and bluish colors enticed me like a diamond
what hold the sky?
It beyond anybody’s imagination
The sky is but a special endowment of life.
~ Jagun Abdulwahab

When you look up to the sky
You see the flies that learn to fly
High above the roaring sea
There is nothing you can see
Then you saw a bird with tie
when you hear that the sky is blank
~ Jacob Timothy

What have we?
But blank skies,
When sources have been mistaken for resources,
Leaving behind no future for the next generation,.
Push-ups and belly-ups are for six packs,
But a future can’t thrive on six pence.
~ Obinna Omotayo Jones

My mind was full of debris,
As I look up,
All I see
Are Blank Skies.
~ Daniel S. Moskowitz

In deep thought I stared the sky
Seeking solace in midst of life threatening ills
To escapes life intricacies
Quite unusual in this chilling night
The skies is blank
Leaving me standing alone
~ Sunday O Freemason

My Mum told me, aim for the top,
When to get going gets hard
Look up.

Now griefs around me is spreading
I looked up, but all I could see is a blank sky
Its a desert, no solution grow therein.
~ Olayinka Samson Aremu

my sad heart weeps
deep inside i feel dead
debris of the past have eaten my head
vultures jubilate above my soul
my future has gone blank
shimmering of nothing like a blank sky.
~ Oluwasegun Romeo Oriogun

Through the mind, I rent in two the shrouds of the heavens;
and doused the flames of the luminous heavenly bodies.

And with curious eyes
I peered into the blank skies:

Lo, God’s evanescent shadow—
Trailing endlessly in the vacant heavens—I saw.
~ Kelechi Oriaku Ansel

When the air is serene and cool
When the clouds consummate love with the skies so blue
I look for the deep things of the world
But they seem so engrossed and refuse to talk
The navel of my soul wails for replies
But all I see is blank skies
~ Andrew Ifeatu Jennifer

soar through the voids of dementia
voices muted in pain of broken bowels
thoughts crawl limbless in a force-field of inertia
the sun refuses to rise,life throws in its dirty towel

a final cry of hopeless decay and nothingness

bleak,the clouds all black,feel the darkness
~ Alexander Osinachi Al-yazid

Shades of the starless skies
Fell flappily on floating flames
Calling the unseen moon to proceedings
for the absence from the call of nature

black deed lingers
underneath the void skies
~ Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

Early I rise to pray
With a heart so filled with desires
I ask more of gain and less of pain
Wishing that I could dine in the realms of Angels
Filled with lots of merry and less of worry
But all I can but see is BLANK SKIES…..
~ Ogunmilade Abisinuola Jewel

The clouds have refused to grace your home
Abandoned like an orphan, the rains have deserted

Seek you not a friend?
Do engage with the sun and laugh with the moon on end.

Silent sorrowful seer
Dont stay void nor empty.
~ Shade Mary-Ann Olaoye

In the cool of the evening,
enjoying the sound of the breeze,
And as the chirping cease,
This chance I sieze,
To get an answer,
From the the beach blue blank skies.
~ Michael Inioluwa Oladele

Sitting on the shoulders of life
I gazed at nature’s handsome gifts
But the sky seem dim white
Thrown down with with blank wishes
And as i walked into the dark night
I saw the sky with an empty body
~ Isola Tosin Samuel-Doves

My mind is lost of it miqht
My Mind is lost of his miqht
My life is lost of it’s lightI seem to be alone
As haggard and lazy i roam
It’s death face in my eyes
As it glances at the blank skies
~ Adewusi David Rapkhid

Those tears aren’t warm you know,
they’re from the sickle cold glands,
asking nature for their share of fun,
in a lonely world without some pun,
they wake to a noon without the sun,
what else, if not blank skies.
~ Joseph C. Ugwuanyi

Unpredictable clouds creating confusion
Sowing something sinister amongst the nation
Fear turned us into blinds
As paralysis dwelt on our unclad minds

So where’s immunity? For hope sits on patience
And our hearts move with prudence
~ Jeremiah Peters

With a broken heart,I behold the sky
With an open belly, I expected it victuals
But this time wasn’t as usual
Eerie of silence envelops d earth
Birds no longer sing
The sun refused to brighten the terrain
~ Goodname Amos

No stars nor moon to show their lots
The dark patches have blotted them out
The sun has lost its usual ray
The rain signs shrouded the day
The gliding birds, all to the river bank
And nature itself, made the sky blank
~ Anthony Ogidi

May you envy me as much
As i envy the birds
joy knows no bound
As they fly through the sky
May i not know the misery
Of the blank skies
~ Faruq Ashley Aleshinloye

There once lived a lad in my hood
Life has deprived from all that’s good
Who spends all his day in the woods
Lacking mother, father, and dudes
Life is sour to him, like waded blank skies
Always shedding tears, for his parent’s demise
~ Ikirigo Sokari Jeremiah

Bathed aloft the shore
Swayed by the mermaids call,
My pleasures thought no lie,
Blank sky a mime
dancing the mermaids rhyme.

Awake in slumber in fate,
My sky a mirage and blank.
~ Ugoh Chris Jnr

Blithely bright, the skies vamoosed all
Aliens of injustice dark pall
The clouds, our hopes reek
The stars from which we delight dream
Long were sunk in churlish sky’s stream
Yielding us blank goals.
~ Razaq Moshood Abbey

We expected something bright
We hoped for better than fight
Now, every thing make us fright
We can’t see the sun that gave us taught
We live in world that spit black light
~ Shekinah Francis

The sun sleeps in deep slumber
The light goddess has gone drunk
Murdered she, her children in their number
That the covering of the heavens be shrunk

See the naked dance of the gods
I did not say, the skies are blank.
~ Adegbite Joy Asepeoluwa

I’m now a native of the street, no more necessary
A patient of night who injects me with cold breeze and endurance
I’m now a indigine of the elusive world who holds conferences with vision of the 2020’s
What actually brought me here?

You are no wise man,wake up!
you have been reading the blank skies
~ Peter Adeniyi

After that night you pinned my heart with words
I ceased not to visit the little rock you left me
Summoning the stars and moon to
Keep me company
Leaving memories as a witness
While we stare at blank skies
~ Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

Railing of hopes fell
when stars wilted off sky’s branch
like the effect of drought.

Faithed fates fainted
when the wobbling moon withered off
while wandering on the bushy path called dream.
~ Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

Kabir Abdul I would have called you a fool
But I know you are only a tool
In your heart lies hatred as vast as these blank skies
I know your dreams are filled with ghosts you murdered
That is why on a poetic slab
I hereby lay you for slaughter.
~ Ken Bena

These skies were once enchanting covers for our worlds.
Until they plucked their stars to Sambisa forest
And battered their suns and moons with hellish hot rods
Who’ll win us y’llow breads and give us milky juice from breast?
They’ve made us the people of the blank skies
Fragile pieces of shattered fam’ly ties.
~ Isholaayodele Wasiu

Clusters of armies of stars in array
Lightening up the sky like a firework
Full moon in glittering hue of honey
Crested like an indelible round stamp
Yet I couldn’t decipher the beauty of this marvel
For my gaze sees none but a plain of blank skies
~ Olubode Victoria

Since it is the season of slaughter
I may as well add. A billion liters of blood
Won’t change the skies expression
It has seen a billion years
What else can happen today
That is new under the clear, blank skies
~ Olisa Onye

Trusting minds
Loves my mind
Believing souls
Pleasantly consoles me.
Just in the times of darkness
I look up to the sky
Not even the silver lining was sight
~ Esoterik Joshua

Like every day, i arrived at my solemn place.
To befriend the stars and watch the moon smile
But tonight i feared, for the silence of the night
For long i waited, dreaming of the joy to come
But like forever, in my eyes they have all gone
[Leaving me with blank skies…]
~ Mobola Oluwapelumi

The crops, dead before birth
foetuses lacking nutrients
The ground, a murderous slayer
Aborting the pregnancies of hope
As the skies stand blank
not shedding desired tears
~ Bravedave Abisoye Osifeko

flights of fantasy
dares the dreaming eyes
dome of the celestials
tears to melt sorrow as ice
our earth desires these essentials
highfleets fly freely in this mystery
~ Dennis Dighimini-sanami

We are the blank skies
Witnesses to this racial prejudice
They made a slave of us
As morons without brains
Until we rumbled and exploded
The blank sky ain’t blank! They cried
~ Chinaza Ikeagwuonu

Still remain blank-the skies
ejecting unseen air
as we breath
enters our lungs and heart
we know not
save us oh lord from diseases
~ Nseobong Barasuene de Poet

This poem was jointly written as a class exercise by 39 Nigerian poets/students of the WRR College Of Poetry (@Poetry_College website:, a subsidiary of the WRR Group (@WRRPoetry).
It was compiled by the College Editor Kukogho Iruesiri Samson on Monday, August 18, 2014 and first published on WRR Poetry (@WRRPoetry).

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