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…here are 35 alliterations riddled sestests written by the ‘me’ hidded inside 35 souls

Lofty leaves caressed by dew
melodious morning; mesmerizes me
bulbous butterflies glowing gleefully
but a soft spike sparks the senses
a minute mote could form a mountain;
only hyena quells the lion’s roar
~ Dennis Dighimini-sanami

brother buried inside
kindly kindle my candle
let my longing lantern be lit
by the blaze of your bitterness
punch, pinch, prick, pester, prod
till I turn to thither and till my turn
~ Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

God of the tremendous terrains
My soul, singing songs of solemn sounds
I rule the high and low lands
The musing master-me
The inside dutiful deity
I make me my world with my magic wand
~ Ogechukwu Emmanuel Samuel

i walk warily with a wandering heart
trials and tribulations throw tantrums in my soul
my little world walks on wobbling feet
sending scared sacred saga down my bloodstream
waging wars in my brains
this is the me that rages inside me.
~ Oluwasegun Romeo Oriogun

As empty as I, daily feel
Empty thoughts tease me
Silent screams from within
How can I, from this flee?

Why must he hid in my heart ?
To decide what my pen writes
~ Veekthur Victor

A shell of many membranes
A body bearing a burden
A soul burrowed like a sole
A Pertinacious spirit; rigid as steel.

Screams of the outer me
Muffled by the inner me.
~ Kolade Olanrewaju Freedom

I am a lamb outside my wall
People often thought i am full of excitement like a mall
But Inside, I am more of a ferocious Beast
I hide myself in the Midst
To protect the beast in me
I am not of Bad ones But i am of a Good Beast.
~ Lawal J. Ayub Coolgeezy

I am not God; of a truth
I don’t know the truth
But this is the truth
my breath
is against death
for humans, this is the me inside
~ El Sane Ken Silencer

Open fields of feathered frames
grazing grounds of hallowed histories
mingled mysteries of matured whims
shading dreams on serene stalls
thoughts of hope-unchained walls
sprout within me when I fall…
~ Moses Chibueze Opara

A thousand words could but paint
The choked, caged, curbed me
I wax on like the candle
Yet smoke out like the flame
Rekindle me and I will spark
Sparkling flames of chilly desires
~ Edna Benjamin

Warring words with warring wards
Piecing pieces of peaceless beasts
Chaotic scenes charred black with flames
A restless being being trapped within
Voiceless rumbles escapes in violent mumbles
The me inside knows no peace
~ Olisa Onye

Love me for my ambition
Changing the world with words
And threading paths with gods
Simply part of the mission
Solely soothing souls in serenade
WIth the scribes my ink has made
~ Nnawuihe Wisdom Chisom

O’ thou youth!
Versatile, mild mind, merrying still
On mother’s milk
Where is your passion?
I don’t answer Perfect- a truth.
The me inside gentle staggers towards perfect…’ction.
~ Olanrewaju Moses-Poet

inside me is a theatre

bigger than the medieval
with a lot of cheering cast
within me foams mute words
inside me whips within
the bold Pen
~ Shekinah Francis

I tried all the trials thrown my way
Through thorn and thick
Yet there was no escape especially from him
The one who reside in my inside
Rose like a morning rose
Out-shining the out-ward person I played for the Audience.
~ Obinna Omotayo Jones

remember to blaze funeral flames
beyond the cities of worthy virtues
when tides of throbbing troubles
tear through teary tears.
Remember to courier caring letters
to to the me within
~ Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau

A vigorous, volcanic silent voice waiting to erupt,
Pegged back by postponement, due to procrastination,
Hiding behind praises earned thanks to pen painting inky letters,
Dying to set a stage on fiery, flaming engulfing fire,
Eager for screaming, squeaking, squealing sounds
From fancy frenzied fans.
~ SAm dE POet

Blood freeze like iced fish
Holding all harvest of hatred
Like winter water, it ices its ways
Mindless, I am in a cold crowd of preys
I wish to turn an ember in their embrace
But laughter fills the vessel of my voice
~ Bada Yusuf Amoo

Unbroken tradition by which I have to abide
“An independent woman may be a prey of pride”
Battered by trepidation of being a forever bride
But marriage seems to me not a perpetual glide
Within every marriage, hitches and glitches hide
If I were me, I won’t risk the ride
~ Olubode Victoria

He swiftly swims
in the waters of his dreams
wishing to wake again.
Confused, confused
beautifully broken and lost…
I do not know my name.
~ Adedamola Adefolahan

That bony structure strikes
And refutes reliable me
Speaks wisdoms, ‘it’
That kicks with a hit
Wears bony uniform
The ‘it’ reps me inside
~ Nwoye Divine Destiny

Ain’t nobody
Who can see it.
Ain’t nobody
Who can understand it.
It’s the
Me inside.
~ Daniel S. Moskowitz

He never stops sailing series of subtle scenes
In the canoe inside the Me in Me
At times, like the clasping of leaves
Often, like whistles of the whistling wild wind
Causing collapsing caresses of inkling bits…
Feeding my fidgeting fainting frame from failing
~ Bankole Kolawole

In still night when men are steal by sleep
I stayed wake in solitude starring the serene dark
Sore silent tears travels across my cheeks
As pains of regret pierce my soul
of toddling poets inside me murdered
At the altar of peers and mother desire.
~ Sunday O Freemason

We sit around a table
They fed on flesh
Yet their hearts are hard
Bone and stone, I, throw down my throat
And now, my muscle seeks no muffle
But Important is the me inside
~ Salam Tiwistar Seun

I’m not the glowing smile
that clothes my profusely bleeding heart
I’m not my loving heart
for I only may seek some seeds to save
I’m my own conscience
he silent battle between I and me inside..
~ Adigun Clinton Olushola

This fine face you’re feeling
is like a word with many meanings;
a mirror made with a million marbles-
It’s not one side you’re seeing.
There is only one me with one side
and that’s the me inside!
~ Adedamola Adefolahan

Since their sight will not sight my sinking heart
So with sweet smiles, I seal my solemn face
I listen, lend, and love, lowering their hills t’ flat
Crashed and crushed, I move aimlessly in a misty maze
The me inside’s tired; the me outside’s fake
Someone should see through soon, or I might break
~ Isholaayodele Wasiu

Living lonely life like a lame lad,
Walking, wandering worst ways
While wretched winds whispers bad
Thoughts that’s tiptoeing into my thinking tray.

But that’s not me
I am a boy born blessed.
~ Olayinka Samson Aremu

Strayed in young thoughts,
Drowned in enticing aspiration
Birthed to birth positive change
If time be patient with me,
And yet -brethren breathe,
The me inside’ll better my countryside.
~Ernest D’heir Egelonu

My maddening mindless mirage
Crafty crazy cunning cloak
Dastardly daring dooming disguise
Feeble feather-fronted fickle face
Done deeds drum depression deep
Me make minds muse my merriless merriment
~ Ogechukwu Emmanuel Samuel

Polished pranks
Played by politicians
Pulls the me inside
To post a perfect poem
Like a protesting poet
Pointing at their practices
~ Yung Raymar Lee

There’s a merrying me inside me
Dancing with the dawn day after day
Sparking so at each rising ray
She boasts, bragging by and by
Chuckling as Christmas chickens cry
‘Next year, I will be who I want to be!’
~ Adegbite Joy Asepeoluwa

Intelligence shut up in my veins
Bright beautiful brain brings blessing
From families, friends and foes
As i speak from my belly
Where rivers of words flow
Amidst foods,wines and worms
~ Akinbamilowo Ololade Olayemi

Am harassing hard work
never at all caress commitment
vehemently, i dare dedication
just to bring to outside the me inside
as many will see success
glittering gallantly on street billboards
~ Nseobong Barasuene de Poet

This poem was jointly written as a class exercise by 37 Nigerian poets/students of the WRR College Of Poetry (@Poetry_College website:, a subsidiary of the WRR Group (@WRRPoetry).

It was compiled by the College Editor Kukogho Iruesiri Samson on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 and first published on WRR Poetry (@WRRPoetry).