148 by Lebile Melt Tosin

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148 not just a number
Not the winning vote of Nigeria
Or the lotto grand prize
But lives that depart the nation I so much treasure
The gone numbers
The lost futures

148 litres of my blood
Would send me to grave
148 strands of my hair
make a difference on my head
148 lost futures in Kenya……..
Can we ever recover?
148 not just a number
But its our future
Our destiny

We are human before we met religion
Why would men allow religion blind the sight of love
Why would men let the thirst for blood overcome their feeling of love and unity
Love and freedom preach in the name of religion become a shackle of death
And when I remember 148
Religion taste like bile
Religion become a bondage
I don’t have a choice to throw it all away
And hold unto my believe
That all men have a choice
Only one love bind us together
A curse!

Heaven must witness against this
The wail of these blood must not be silence till eternity
let the peace of the bloody hands rest with our child
As we suffer loss
Not a number
Lost black diamond

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