SONS OF ALÁGBÈDE by Biodun Alabi

Detail shot of hammer forging hot iron at anvil
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We shall rise on this day
To dance on this clay
For we shall proceed to Àgbède shed
And stop all ìfonáfonsu

Let the women converge at the square
Let them come with ògidì ògùrò
Let them sing to us beautiful choruses
With a blend of our ancestral dialect

We shall dance to the rhythm of the flame
For we are sons of Alágbède
We shall beat our gongs
As well as our drums

We earn our living with the flame of ewìrì
We are never weary
We replenish our energy with amala and gbégírí
We are never lazy or gbéwiri

We shall burn the game
At the shed with our flame
We shall dance round the game
And forget all the pain

We shall make all the noise
And scream all our voice
We shall share in the spoil
For we are sons of the soil


  • Àgbède shed: blacksmith shed
  • Ìfonáfonsu: people go to blacksmith to fetch fire, to gist, to roast yam; ìfonáfonsu simply means activities.
  • Ògidì ògùrò: fresh, undiluted palm wine.
  • Alágbède: blacksmith
  • Ewìrì: major tool used to heat metal to different shapes.
  • Amala and gbégírí: local food, choice food in Yoruba lands.
  • Gbéwiri: a thief
SONS OF ALÁGBÈDE by Biodun Alabi

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