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I always imagined what love felt like,
Even though I never really believed in it,
I mean,why spend a whole lifetime with one woman?,
When I could easily have another in minutes,

And voila!,there she was,
The solution to my conundrum,
With each elegant step she took,
I heard my heart beat louder than a hundred drums,

Drink-in-hand,I approached like a predator,
Weaving through the unsuspecting crowd,
Determined to get this woman’s attention,
Even though the music was crazily loud,

And so the love story began,
We exchanged numbers after a little conversation,
Could I have finally found the one?,
The thought alone tickled my imagination,

I wouldn’t wait too long to find out,
The whole thing happened so fast,
We were married in a few months,
I couldn’t care less how long we would last,

I hear love makes one blind,
Well I say marriage removes the blindfold,
Never have I seen a woman look so hot,
And yet possess a heart so ice cold,

Is it her erratically high temper?,
Or that she doesn’t care about how I feel?,
Did I mention her incessant late nights?,
Or that the woman can’t cook a single meal?,

Suddenly all that beauty has turned to ashes,
I don’t think I fancy married life anymore,
Because the minute she walks through the door,
Begins another unsolicited never-ending war,

Suddenly her smile no longer gives me shivers,
Suddenly her kiss no longer weakens me,
Suddenly I hate her guts so much,
Suddenly seeing her naked just sickens me,

The infatuation has now faded,
Or at least so it seems,
And now I sit here and ask myself,
“What happened to the woman of my dreams?”

man-and-woman- in love

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