HOW I WISH by Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan

How i wish,
i could be there when everybody
to put a smile back on your
to wipe away the tears flowing as
rivers on your cheeks
to be there to stand up for you in
time of crises
to make you feel loved.

How i wish,
i could father the fatherless
mother the motherless
swipe away sorrows from the
widows and widowers,
break the bridge between the
rich and the poor
constructing a linear rampour
captivating the ship of pride.

How i wish;
i could curb off the societal
to be at the hem of affairs-so as
to saturate the economy
stop the degredation affecting the
less priviledged,
to fen for them when crises arises,
bring back that time when both
the rich and poor were not
identified in paul’s time.

How i wish,
i could be so rich to help the
to be poor to experience the pain
they feel,
to be an illiterate to be able to use
my God giver inner intellects
not written or oral only.
To be a literate to know what the
society needs,
to be a lawful man to know what
the law entails so my people don’t
fall victim.

HOW I WISH by Ogunsanya Enitan Olalekan

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    Khemzy Nita says

    Nicely written Enitan. But, don’t just wish…pursue after your wish.

    Wishes alone won’t do…

    Keep penning. Keep getting better.

    #will be here to always read and comment.

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