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Where is he who will take the blame?
If it isn’t I who killed the bear
The dead candle, I can’t withstand its flame
It isn’t you who struck the pear
For its glossy juice you hate to taste
But to point fingers, we all do in haste

Who taught the bamboo tree to tango?
Who orchestrated the rainbow’s mambo
Oh yeah! That’s me, I and myself
I made the dry planks produce mango
I pleaded the rain to fall when it was dry
I did all this, won’t you rank me high?

But someone taught the tiger to hunt
The once harmless snake to hurt
Who told the soil it can feed on flesh
It used to be satisfied with men’s thrash
No! That’s not me
For all I’ve lived, I never breathe

If we all are right
And on the guilty desk none is left
If no one’s path needs light
Though no one has, with filthiness cleft
Then, who should make amends?
And to the rod, who should bend?

blame me


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