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WHAT IS LIFE by Omotayo Awoyemi

What is life?
Clench your fists,
Let the air within boil,
Love the warmth
Wrapped up in your palms,
Cherish it!
Till your knuckles reel in pain,
That your eyes flood with ice,
Thawing down the bumpy terrain
Of your cyanosed cheeks,
Trimming the edges of your
Shaking, cracking lips.
Attend to the pain and faint;
Let your fingers slump open
And freeze…
Hope you’re better now?
For sure, way better you are,
Than a frost-ladened ‘oku eko’;
Your nostrils still whistle!
Though brittle.
So, what is life? Tell me;
Isn’t it a sugary vinegar?
Bouquet of roses, of thorns? Or
Thin warm air in a clenched fist,
Till the sun rises again to soothe,
At first, and later
To scorch into soot.

Author: Omotayo Awoyemi

Omotayo Awoyemi is a Nigerian word weaver with global vision, a medical student at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He was living solely in his ‘world of science’ until sometimes in 2012, when he bumped accidentally into poetry. Since then, poetry kept welling up in him like an uncontrollable chain of nuclear reaction. The future is clear to him as he is set out to earn a Nobel prize for literature, not minding his science oriented background and health-based life.

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