WE DO TOO by Emmanuel GodhonorsMe Faith

Our tongues roll furiously, tussling to and fro
It moves in unpredicted pace, rapidly fast or slow
Talking about Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo
And our dearest Obi Mikel who rarely scores a goal

Its ludicrously hilarious, stunning and quite shallow
But we talk about Eve’s descendants, their highs and low
Their deeds, their curves and other conspicuous asset
The gorgeous, the good looking, and those with teeth well set

At the peak of our boredom, we talk about our friends’ girlfriends
And our friends’ girlfriends friends, the chain never ends
Torrid tales, tit a tit about the witches that lectures
That has made us with their grades, recipients of torture

The Sanguine sounds swiftly, talking about singlet and undies
Nairabet, Baba-Ijebu and other costly freebies
About politics and politicians with scintillating tricks
And the best chick that rolls with the most commanding clique

It may sound absurd and partially not true
But the honest well hidden truth is that guys gossip too.

WE DO TOO by Emmanuel GodhonorsMe Faith

WE DO TOO by Emmanuel GodhonorsMe Faith

Author: Emmanuel GodhonorsMe Faith


  1. Reply
    Hannatu Adamu says

    Oh, do tell them!

  2. Reply
    Emmanuel Faith says

    yes o…
    its on both sides

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