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VOICES FROM THE CROSS by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Jesus said to one of the thieves:
“Truly I said to you
Today, you will meet me at paradise”

Salvation is not for few
But to all those
who had once fell in sin but rise

And before breathing His last
He said “Father, ‘forgive them
For they do not know what they do

He took the suffering emblem
Just for me
And you.

He thirsted
And He was given sour wine
Thereafter He said “it is finished”

For you
He wished nothing but the best
Any trace of mediocrity should vanish

His grace
and favour that we do not merit.
Are more than the seashore’s sands

Father into your hands I commit my spirit

Nigerian Poetry - VOICES FROM THE CROSS by Osoba Taiwo Peter

Author: Osoba Taiwo Peter

I fell in love with poetry in the year 2014 because I see poets as geniuses who dive into peoples thoughts and imaginations and pen it down to inspire and to chastise.

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