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AFRICA (by Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize Judge Brigitte Poirson)

Africa by Brigitte Poirson [Africa by Brigitte Poirson]

A iling and sublime, a blessed curse, you roam my soul, Afric A!
F orced to follow those who came after you, a giant and an el F,
R apturously wedging your joys through throes and woes foreve R,
I nfringing upon your deprivations to play your freedom in wi-f I,
C aper about the present, conquer the future, compel words majesti C,
A nd, an untamed royal eagle, keep soaring over the human soul, Afric A!

Brigitte Poirson was born in Franche-Comté, France. After graduating from the University of Burgundy, she worked as a language teacher and lecturer in England and in France.

She has published seven books in French and in English, mostly in poetry.

She has collected and edited poems from African poets, recently published in an anthology, Via Grapevine, in South Africa, and is currently preparing volume 2.

Generally speaking, the poetical quality of the texts and the in-depth reflection on the important issues the poets deal with make this competition a high-flying one…and a real treat.

Bearing in mind that grammatical correction always enhances the pungency of our words, it is just as true that all the contestants are overwhelmingly talented, and have real messages to convey. Selecting poems has been a heart-breaking experience!…and an honor.

Brigitte Poirson is one of the judges of the Eriata  Oribhabor Poetry Prize

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