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TWO BECOME ONE by Goodness Ayoola

Rhythms crawl up the lines of strings
Strings like springs of comfort in pitter-patter rhythms
Hearts beat in bits, saintly shatters by the struck of love
Love creeps in a concealed groans in ribs after hearts
Lyrics sweet and sound rest on the waves of tunes
Tunes tranquil travel beneath the soft tread of lulled lyrics.

Echoes run the streets of vocals and chords
Chords chorus in deep hollow melodious echoes
Drums roar and plant idle feet movements
Movements move moments from fleeing beats from drums
Ecstasies rain on yoked fingers of ringed thoughts
Thoughts drenched in stagnant crop of ecstasies.

Laughter scales the lips of lovers
Lovers of love grin teeth rafters a labial laughter
Yours is this day courted in decorated coats
Coats that take you beyond coasts with a heart only yours
Perfect rhythms hedge the bond and folded arms in
In a blended love and life, a dwelt passion passionately perfect.

Nigerian Poetry - TWO BECOME ONE by Goodness Ayoola

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