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I think life is more than
what we take it to be.
We take what we can
from it and we just let it be.
No questions, no answers,
just living like we should;
‘coz we don’t want the bad and ugly,
we only want the good.

I think our worlds are different,
we just live in this place.
We love and hate, laugh and cry
while dwelling on our fates.
No reasons and excuses,
no pain and no regret;
no faces to remember,
no people to forget.

I think our love is selfish
and not quite so genuine.
Who can lay down his life
for someone who wants us ruined?
Nobody, no person
can give uncommon love;
nobody, no human –
except my God above.

I think I am not wrong,
I think I hope I’m right.
I think I can now say:
”I think, I know, I write.”

I think I sailed the boat of life
and I think I made it sink;
I think I know the truth:
it doesn’t matter what I think…

i think

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