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THEY CLAP DEATH: by Ndukwo Kalu Ugah

They clap death,the war conformist,
Whom had gonged their heart to kill;
Giving rise to social pathologies,
Planted in the tree of memory on terrorism.

They clap war,the charlatan warriors;
Calling distance examples of war scene,
Masterful in bloodshed:
Repudiating the continual confluence in the Niger.

I sensed pundit selection of the corruptible
Intensifying havoc in our lives,
With shortened substantive hope for peace and security
Because of these wary religious sect,
Fearing no god or man.

Tranquility has gone on an extensive trip
But will return if there will be,
Freedom to the people of the rising sun
A country that once existed,
A conflagration of the corruptible.

Our men are broken and had blenched
On the actions of the killing buckets,
That they throw every day.

Disunity is the bread we feeds
And we had grown to stay with its taste.

They danced war and had grazed with its mark,
But peace must go in great guns in Nigeria.

They Clap Death By Ndukwo Kalu Ugah.

THEY CLAP DEATH by Ndukwo Kalu Ugah

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