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THE REAL HARAM [The Real Haram] [The Real Haram]

Boko should really be a balm
the type that eases all pains.
Is Islam not the one that preaches peace
An umbrella under a Noble Prophet
that yet will forever reign?
Did he not fight so many a battle
for this course …to lead unto heavenly riches?

My Nigeria has long been in pains
since the wedding of 1914
Love-for-all left decades ago
Everyman now feeds only his pockets

Pawns are placed on the throne
While Kings and Queens, watch under overhead bridges
They have become friends of Poverty

If all must hold unto the Pillar of Islam
If all wrongs would be made right.
Then kidnapping our girls
bombing our Churches
turning our youths to Devils…

That is definitely the real Haram!

Written by: Adeeyo Adesumbo Da’Tino

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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