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The gentle sigh of the night
Lured me to sleep
As i left behind the whispers
Echoing through the voidness
That suddenly surrounded me

A hard descent, it was
As i found myself
In a blissful state of unrest;
I was dreaming

Drifting further and farther
In my disembodied state
I chanced upon a gathering;
A gathering of silent shadows

An ululating howl was made
To silence the restless caws of the raven
And the lord of darkness appeared
In stately garbs of darkness
And nightmarish fiends

In his hands, a scythe was held
With gleaming edge
And pointy tip, sharpened
To harvest ripened dreams

They assembled
Gathered around him
Like stars around the moon
And not a single pin dropped was heard
As all seemed to hold their breath

The silence became noisy with unease
The restless shadows fidgeted
As the silent throbs of power
Emanating from the dark lord was felt

The assembled were called to battle;
To unleash hell on sleeping mortals,
To revel in their screams of terror
And to listen to their anguished wails, gleefully

The host was led by the dark lord
Reaping dreams with each swing of his scythe
As the shadows covers his deeds
And he left behind terrified mortals, unseen

And a silent scream was heard
Disentangling me from the horrors,
The sound came from me
For the nightmares visited me too

~ Adeosun Pelumi K


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