THE EMPTY I by Yusuf Adamu Yusuf Tagarji

It happened on days as long as I,
with a swirling breeze that cools my eye.
Sitting on a chair like a Roman king,
I gazed at up down as I sung.
I swung my view to the righty side,
genesis of fate then flood my mind.
The glowing face of the twinkling star,
hit my eyes and made a scar.
A blissing smile came out of her,
and fill the sky of I and her.
I held my heart with a clutchy hand,
as not to become like empty I.
The charming heart of hers came out,
smiled at me to empties I.
My fully I strangled high,
trying to change to empty I.
Her galaxy of meteors quaked on me,
abraded my core and left me low.
She rained a smile; my heart with her,
and flew away with fully I.

I’m now empty as empty I,
who will help me back to I?

THE EMPTY I by Yusuf Adamu Yusuf Tagarji

THE EMPTY I by Yusuf Adamu Yusuf Tagarji

Author: Yusuf Adamu Yusuf Tagarji


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    Hannatu Adamu says

    To find you, you must find her. Altogether lovely rhyme!

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