THE DEVIL’S PAWN (Excerpts1)

The Devil's Pawn1

The Devil’s Pawn1

I. The Bargain
He who holds the Devil’s brass coin
To the warmth of his loin
Will pay with golden coin double
And end his journey under the rubble.

II. The Black Cats
One will fall for all
And all for one will fall
Brothers in flesh and blood
Our revenge is in the sword.

III. Dining With the Devil
Is your place there at the feast?
Shall you dip with the beast
Into bowls of steaming pork
And hold not the saving fork?

IV. In the Devil’s Lair
Death in not far, he is near
Where shall you flee in his lair?
Look, his eyes doth gleam
Ready for the trip across the stream.

V. Evil Abroad
The whispers of yesterday
Birth the screams of today;
Darkness comes in the wake of light
Let them sleep fears fright.

VI. The Devil Within
Do not run if you hear the growls,
Fear not that the beast prowls,
For it comes from inside,
And from it you cannot hide.

VII. The Devil’s Pawn
I know the riddles of the jailer man;
I am the breeze, catch me if you can.
I go wherever I please,
For me and the reaper have shared a kiss.

VIII. The Price
Will you be the devils paw?
Will you follow him through the door?
Afore you sign the parchment red:
Remember, your heart will be bled.

IX. The Devil’s Coin
The devil’s coin is in your pocket,
On your neck is his golden locket;
You can run but you can’t hide,
Like a shadow, he’ always by your side.

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  1. Reply
    Sarah McDivah says

    reminds me of Dr. Faustus…wonder if you ever read that play.It's really nice.I like how you used rhyme and the way it's segmented.

  2. Reply
    Kukogho Samson says

    Dr Faustus is one of my best ever plays..i read it many times and i think I like the Faustus personality, in literary terms only!

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