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THE CLARION CALL: my NYSC diary and other poems (poems)

Title: THE CLARION CALL: my NYSC diary and other poems
Genre: Poetry
Publisher: Words Rhymes & Rhythm
Year of Publication: 2015
ISBN: 978-978-947-213-0


“Not only did Albert carry his bag when he heard the clarion call, he also took his pen along and admiringly, he has been able to archive his NYSC memories on the shelve of poetic creativity, reflecting the cores of the scheme and equally re-writing his world.”
— Christy Ugwu, NYSC Local Government Inspector, Umuahia South

“Soldiers are not poets? Albert Seraphin brilliantly belies this trite assertion. He is the living proof that a soldier, while answering the clarion call, can hold a mighty pen to advocate peace and unity.
Sometimes bucolic, often harshly realistic, his pungent words reflect the vibrant vision of a Nigerian citizen whose basic objective is to serve his fatherland. To pay tribute to its past and pave the way for a flourishing future. His forthright voice pleads for awareness and oneness in every situation, whether he depicts the hardships of service, not forgetting to salute the bravery of the soldiers and the bonds between them, or his bleeding pen pleads for safe driving, women rights, and an end to the internecine feuds that tear his country apart.
He is on permanent poetic duty. His forceful Clarion Call holds redemptive powers, and certainly calls for attention.”
— Brigitte Poirson, Poet, teacher and promoter of African Poetry

“The Clarion Call is a poetic exposition of the experiences of a creative mind touching on all areas of human endeavors; a zestful delivery from the bottom of the heart. It harps on life and living, as well as the overwhelming importance of a harmonious relationship between and amongst peoples irrespective of background. Highlighting on the rich culture and traditions of Igbo land where the poet/author served, it is an uncommon collection whose fruits will be reaped by everyone especially prospective Nigerians who will respond to national call to serve in future. Without gainsaying it, this book should serve as a poetic handbook of the National Youth Service Corps programme. An encounter with the Clarion Call prepares the reader on ways of reaping the best from any situation so as to make; “home away from home.” It is a timeless package whose completeness will always remain a selling point.”
— Eriata Oribhabor, Poet, author of Crossroads & The Rubicon

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