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THE CHURCH IS MARCHING ON The Church Is Marching On] [The Church Is Marching On]

The church is marching on
the gates of hell will not prevail
all week long we tell lies to make huge gain
and bear false witness against neighbours
Still, on Sundays we gather at church
with red lips and flamboyant outfits
to bind our enemies
meaning we believe in God supreme
to keep all Sundays still for him
and so the church is marching on

Pastor, the brilliant shepherd
bends the truth to ensure the flock is intact
and so the church is moving on
with no gates to hold it back
pastors disagree and some go their solo ways
for selfish reasons viz. wealth plus fame
sprouting more churches in all places
hence the church is growing fast
and the gates of hell will hold it not

Wealthy wolves play sheep at church
and want to rule as benefit for their financial work
they trample on God-fearing worshippers plus priests
yet the church has fallen not
she progresses on and on
unto Zion the promised place
and the gates of hell cannot withstand
persecutors kill Christians to silence the church
yet genuine missionaries carry Christ’s name
staking their lives to spread God’s Word
hence the church keep moving on
and no gates can halt its way

Sincere Christ followers sit in church
and pray for God to intervene
and end all lies within
so as true worshippers
Christians shall worship God
in spirit as well as truth
indeed the church is marching on
and on that final day
the wheat shall be taken from the tares
and all men shall be rewarded by his work
the church is marching on
and the gates of hell cannot prevail

Written by: Oghenero Ezaza

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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