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THE BATTLE WITHIN by Joseph Omojuwa

If I cry gently or if I smile, whoever thinks the smile on my face
Is benign,must be careful,be careful of the end of days
There, is a stain, a pain and a stench,
Of prolonged thought, forgone wrath smoothly refreshed and lying stretch.

Welcome to my institution; welcome to my world, my confidence, my brutal world!
Where loneliness and heartbreak keeps hitting like a rod
Harnessed in finesse fire, to multiply my pains, the pains, oh the pains!
Strangling my hand to pluck my brain out of my mind, my ever trusted brain.

Distributed to several severe struggle, simmered with,
love, the broken pearl, the broken pearl, the scary myth…
It was you love, it is you! You are the cause of my pain, the pains..
Bet you have a hand this time, sure in the end you have nothing to gain

If I cry gently or if I smile, its not just you, love, it’s not just you, and it’s my pride
My pride where my world revolves, where I exist.
Hyperactive to careless words, ill reactions far and wide
You are So stubborn to swallow, easy to harm, gentle, my pride; the place my love exist.

It’s you,my confidant. You tortured and deceived me to forget all I knew, all I know,
about the constant fears, deeply lurked in my heart,
Consciously drenched in blood,as my soul crowed.
The diluted blood crows, the bloody covenant crows!

Where to start? Who to tell? If I cry gently or smile, who Shall listen?
So whoever thinks the smile on my face is benign, must better be careful,
For I was once deceived by love, and then my pride.Who then is faithful?
Would I know that love travels about, with no safe home, no safe haven, only in prison?

Should I have trusted you, my pride? In spite of my agony, in spite of my testimony?
Shall you listen? Or who to rescue me out of this dangerous journey?
Even If I cry gently, or if I smile, whether for help or pretense, all is vain.
And so, This is my story, this is my song, its the covenant, that bloody creepy covenant!

You! It’s you; you are the Genesis of ‘The Battle Within’.
I shall fight my way out, by escape or self denial.
If I cry gently, If i smile…

THE BATTLE WITHIN by Joseph Omojuwa

THE BATTLE WITHIN by Joseph Omojuwa

Author: Joseph Omojuwa

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