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My world is spinning like a frisbee
My breath is starting to stink
My eyes are playing tricks on me
I think I had too much to drink

There’s female underwear everywhere
There’s a strange woman beside me
I’m covered in lipstick stain
This is not what my pastor should see

I stagger to the balcony for some air
There are skyscrapers everywhere
This still feels like a dream
I never thought I would be here

Even though the tax is unbearable
Even though the weather is hellish
Even though some people aren’t so friendly
I still want to bask in this relish

The relish of women and shiny things
The relish of the good life
Totally different from Africa
Where there was so much pain and strife

Where I couldn’t fend for myself
Where I couldn’t fight for your love
Now my dreams are materializing
I owe it all to the Big Man above

Sadly the damage has been done
I’m in too deep to be recovered
Let people say all the crap they want
I couldn’t possibly be bothered

Cindy expects me to marry her soon
Mandy is pregnant and I think its mine
The other groupies I can handle
They just want money, weed and wine,

I still can’t find the courage to face you
So I put it in this letter
You deserve much more than me
Please open your heart to someone better

I have massive bodyguards around me
But I have so many things I fear
In search of my American dream
I let loose our worst nightmare

I’d give anything to be that street boy again
Hiding in your backyard just to steal a kiss
With empty pockets but a heart full of love
And promises of forever filled with eternal bliss

Our dreams are ashes and our future up in smoke
There really is nothing any of us can do
The American dream gave me all I ever wanted
But all that came at a high price. You.

Written by: Chuks Asoegwu

Author: admin

I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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