It is a known fact Egg shall turn cock Piglet shall become pork Garbage in, garbage out says the computer Proper preparation prevents poor performance It is known, what’s sown shall be reaped Kittens copy the cats Soon they will wear their shoes What would become of tomorrow When its chick are misguided today? A… Continue reading YOUTH POWER


Dear brother, Mother told me that you now brag around Wearing sagging rags, calling it swags You wear women adornments. Its swank! Vagrant fool you are, seeking notice Many chant your moniker before you And spit long hisses when you turn your back Fine boy you, you chase them all Both firm and wilted breasts… Continue reading LETTER TO MY BROTHER


Youths of Zion, our strong men of war! Why are your mighty men fallen and your sword blunt? Why do your righteous men thread wide paths, legend wasted? Why is your arsenal empty and your oil of grace dry? Oh youths of Zion, think of your early days! When the sword of life and death… Continue reading YOUTHS OF ZION


The anthem reverberates in our head, That we are the leaders of tomorrow. So young and naive, like morons, We waited for the day of manifestation. Alas, they only camouflaged to rule And we marched to their sweet verse, “The leaders of tomorrow”, But tomorrow never comes! We stood by and watched them, Shadowed by… Continue reading THE ANTHEM

FORCED MARTYRDOM (by Chikatito Jones)

The sap and milk of our land: Vibrant young men And nubile young women Poured out in the dust By cruel human hands… …On the grounds of Mubi, In the ashes of Aluu…! We stood by and watched! We did nothing! Their outcries we ignored! In Mubi, they gave their lives, Their futures for religion… Continue reading FORCED MARTYRDOM (by Chikatito Jones)

BEASTS OF ALUU (on the Aluu killings by Francis Achonu Egu)

I saw the video I saw their faces I heard the story I heard their grunts I reached for tears I reached for breath I found both I found rage Their hearts, burnt Their lives, lost Their ways, mean Their days, dark Beasts of us Beats of gloom Curses rain Verses sway <<<<<.>>>>> [Author] Francis Achonu… Continue reading BEASTS OF ALUU (on the Aluu killings by Francis Achonu Egu)