Why is solidarity So neglected in humanity? Pilgrims This world is not so grim Some yet with faces green in envy Have lost shoulders to lean on Are we not all patriots? Are we not all kinsmen? Why do our blades dance to kill? Blood boils without passion In God manual Unity is key Why… Continue reading SOLIDARITY


We were family, sharing one smile together That warms our united hearts. In corners of our minds were hidden desires With all hands working, we wove, little by little From every story, sound and tear Into a perfect dream Happiness was not ours But we forged tiny laughter from thoughts of our tomorrow The unseen… Continue reading WE ARE FAMILY


The world is merging Continents are melding Not by space Not by time Consequence of media fusing strangers Traditions clash We get shocked Ways of one Taboo to another Diverse in background, uniform in humanity Africans bleach, Caucasians tan We’re fast becoming one clan We tinker, we compromise


The clouds are too busyweeping to see that we aresoaked to our ragged pantsand our genitals have retractedinto their shells, like irked snails.Whose lips shall then mouth the needed protest, being already busy with mournful mumblings? Of which shall I tell you,now that you bother to inquireabout these endless rains; One threadlike, one windyOne saltened,… Continue reading RAINS


The life force of brotherhood Is ensnared by indigenous strain And strangled by strife of tradition Man is become enemy to his kin Existence becomes distressed And its hues, spoiled and soiled By the blemishes of bloodletting The black streaks of godly fervor A legacy of clashing cultures And merchandise of dogmatic hatred Will enough… Continue reading WHAT IF WE LOVE ONE ANOTHER