Baptism of cool fire That shattered even reigning champions’ desire Mashed in pieces, in the empire Of Samba, still, no retreat no surrender Penetration-less Minister’s defense Oh! elastic ‘Tim’, Oh why! states… Sixteen terrific saves in ninety wicked minutes’ surge Still, this baptism proved too hard! too much! And the seemingly flying Eagles Mesmerizingly messed… Continue reading SAMBA TRAGEDY


on carting wheels they ride amidst shoulder high foes who pride with yester-glory yea! they ride off to get the rope of victory around standing necks the eagles’ path unthreaded braiding the teethed boots to roll away stones to nested nets a glittering gold gift held up in undaunted palms blessed by Oluwa. along the… Continue reading THE EAGLES PATH


At Gassama’s final trumpet, at his final trumpet . . . They stood like the crucifixion’s stake, Like the crucifixion’s stake, The Antelopes stood, Cheery visages in glum, Wreathed with wide waters, Of the hearts crackdom accepted. They’ve caressed Leaking from The Eagles In twin-legged sphere leather Combats, they’ve caressed.