STRUNG WORDS by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

i am a wanderer walking Life’s streets i season my word-gruel with the salt of mortality i am a painter slapping paint on the canvas of hearts see my palette of words! i am a poet what can i offer but my beady words strung on the rope of time?


In the height of my fervor In the intoxication of my emotions At that moment when my heart is in control When my brain is soaked in chemicals And my blood flows with concentrated hormones I said those words Now that I arise from my stupor And awaken from my drunkeness Now that my eyes’… Continue reading FRAGILE WORDS


Those souls silenced in the excruciating agony of stillbirth Bloody foetus of murdered thoughts Bleeding lumps of rhymes Littering the deserted railways of washed out pages Now the graves don’t cry no more For my minds cemetery parades A multitude of ghosts Fleeting shadows of words Long dead? God bless the dead Those words that… Continue reading GOD BLESS THE DEAD


If I have to spend my time, I’ll stay away from crime, To catch a perfect rhyme Using poetic words I refined, In each verse, they are confined With my intention well defined And no verbiage assigned I give a piece of my mind And pass wisdom to man kind If a rhyme could hide… Continue reading PERFECT RHYMES